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It's like your Sales OS
Engage in ways that work best for you
Build capabilities that matter most to you with the MyBeeps platform. With workflows that enable you to break all geographic and inter-departmental boundaries, everyone in your organization works as an extension of your sales team – this is a unified sales organization.
“I want my inside, outside sales teams to collaborate better.”
Imagine a scenario in which your Inside Sales and Outside Sales teams work in perfect tandem. One platform that lets them view, edit and prioritize on a common dashboard. Prospect or Customer Data is captured on the field and instantly becomes actionable for the inside sales teams. Field sales gets access to relevant information when and where it’s needed the most.
“I want all departments to work together for my top deals.”
A platform that helps you focus the entire organization on the deals that matter the most. Get stakeholders across all departments to work in sync - Sales, Marketing, Product, Logistics, Accounting, and even Partners - everyone works as a unified team. Everyone knows what it will take to bring in the business.
“I want to know what my top customers are saying.”
Knowing what your top customers feel about the experience they have with your organization can help you sell better. With centralized views and triggers across all organizational systems with customer touchpoints, you are always in the loop.
“I want visibility on what marketing is doing for my sales team.”
Know which marketing activities are effective, and measure the real time impact of marketing activities on your sales team. With a common platform, marketing and sales are always in sync. Focus your sales team on what generates the most dollars.
“I want a system that can be deployed within a week.”
The platform has built-in features to adapt to any workflow, in no time. Envision a system that can be customized to what you need, and be deployed with a week. No more waiting on internal IT.
MyBeeps is built around you and your insights
Sales teams keep using their favorite tools. Seamless integration keeps everything on the same platform.
With powerful in-built functions you can see your ideas get implemented within weeks.
We can help you optimize your sales process to overachieve your goals. Get started with MyBeeps today.